KGF Attitude Quotes in English

KGF Attitude Quotes in English Dialogues & Status

KGF Attitude Quotes in English Dialogues & Status Thoughts KGF Chapter 2 Movie Dialogues Best 2023 New Collection To Good Quotes With Images Attitude Quotes In English For KGF Movie.

KGF Attitude Quotes in English Dialogues & Status


1.In this world a mother is the greatest warrior

2.Not everyone who puts his finger on the trigger is a shooter … not everyone who puts his hand on a girl is a man … and only people who love me can understand my standards.

3.Fear needs to exist and it must exist inside the heart … and that heart must be my opponent’s heart and not mine.

KGF Attitude Quotes in English Dialogues


4.If you have the courage that thousands of people are standing behind you … then you’ll win one battle … but if thousands of people become courageous because of the fact that you’re standing before them … then you’ll win the entire world.

5.The one who comes to live in a city, learns about the city … and the one who comes to rule over the city, teaches the city about him.

6.If you think you’re bad … I’m your dad.

Best KGF Attitude Quotes in English 


7.A person who comes with a gang is a gangster … he always comes alone … as he’s a monster.

8.The waves are waiting to kiss the earth … the sun is waiting to set … the procession of lightning is waiting to confront … and even his destiny is scared of him.

9.He looks at death like the dust on his feet … he’s like a king who ignores his destiny … he walks on burning embers and swords … he kills the fear which exists in his heart … he surrounds his enemy by becoming the army of the courageous ones … he’s like Lord Shiva who has come to destroy time.

KGF Attitude Quotes in English Status


10.(Does Mumbai belong to your father) – No it belongs to your father … and I’m your father.

11.Everyone in the world says that you can’t live peacefully without money … but no one says that you can’t even die peacefully without money.

12.The breaths of a wounded lion … are even more dangerous than his roar.

KGF Attitude Quotes in English


13.You have to beg with your hands for coins … but you have to raise your hand for notes.

14.If I hit anyone then the police will search for me … but if I hit a policeman then a don like you will search for me.

15.In a fight it doesn’t matter who hits first … what matters is who falls on the ground first.

KGF Attitude Quotes in English Dialogues


16.Powerful people come from powerful places.

17.A post gets delivered not just because of the address … it’s delivered due to a landmark … and my landmark doesn’t need a pincode … and not even a stamp.

18.In Mumbai my post is delivered even if the pincode is missing on my address … do you know why … because my name is very famous here.

KGF Attitude Quotes in English 2023


19.History tells us that powerful people come from powerful places. History was wrong! Powerful people make places powerful.

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