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Diwali Wishes Quotes


worship plate, kitchen dish, Diya in the courtyard, may happiness be all, The sparklers in the hands, where it is illuminated, Happy Diwali to you my friend!!~Gustave Flaubert
Have a look at Diwali Look at the happiness brought with you, look here and there, Watch the lamp shine today! Happy Diwali~Gustave Flaubert
Even though the whole year Don’t show your face to the neighbor. But on this Diwali, eating laddus, jalebis, You must go to his house! Happy Deepawali!!~Gustave Flaubert
Wishing you a very Happy Diwali! You flower fruit, go ahead, reach the heights of success, That’s the wish! happy Diwali!!~Gustave Flaubert
May happiness come into your life, May Lakshmi ji be in your house, In your life even after forgetting, Never let a sorrow come next! Happy Deepawali!!~Gustave Flaubert
lamp light sweetness of sweets burst of firecrackers rain of money bring you every day festival of Diwali! Hearty Diwali Greetings!!~Gustave Flaubert
When Diwali comes, colorful Rangoli, Light up the lamp, make a splash, Firecrackers left, lit sparklers are liked by all.. Happy Diwali to all of you!!~Gustave Flaubert
The lamp kept on burning, We keep on remembering you As long as there is life, I pray you Keep shining like the moon! Happy Deepawali!!~Gustave Flaubert
money rain so much Your name is everywhere May you be profitable in business day and night! this is our wish May this Diwali be very special for you! Happy Diwali!!~Gustave Flaubert
Happy Diwali to you this festival, May you get happiness every moment of life! Love’s fireflies burn, love’s sparkles Flowers of love bloom, petals of love! You and your family Happy Diwali Greetings!!~Gustave Flaubert
The night of light has come, has brought the gift of happiness, Look on the ground today, The procession of stars has arrived! Like Diwali Firecrackers, burst the blisters of pain, Yes, whatever evil is in your mind, You all leave today! Happy Diwali!!~Gustave Flaubert
Today again the darkness of light will win, This earth decorated with a garland of lamps, A new bride will be beautiful! happy Diwali!!~Gustave Flaubert
Light in every house There will be joy in every street, Ganesh ji will be worshiped, Lakshmi ji will be adorned, Be it small or big, there will be enthusiasm and enthusiasm in everyone! Happy Diwali!!~Gustave Flaubert
This festival comes only once in a year. Take a tour of the temple, bring a cup of fun, Happy Diwali to all of you!!~Gustave Flaubert
Let’s make a new where, where no one should be compelled, We all keep shining, Where are the sorrows then far away! On the occasion of Diwali, Let us take the oath of cleanliness, In my dear India, Let us take the oath of unity! happy Diwali!!~Gustave Flaubert
May all darkness be dispelled by the light of the lamp, Pray that whatever you want, happiness will be approved! Happy Diwali!!
May you get light in life with the light of the lamp, Make sweets in relationships more than sweets of Diwali, May this Diwali Lakshmi ji be so happy with you May every day, every moment, every moment be your every work! happy Diwali!!
Diwali came, wanted fun, colorful rangoli, Light up the lamp, make a splash, Chchoda Gate, Jali Fulzadian, everyone likes..

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