Amma Quotations in English

Amma Quotations

Amma Quotations in English Very Cute & Smiley Mom Say Mother Quotes With Images The love of the world is useless, every prayer of mother is accepted,

Amma Quotations in English


“God cannot be everywhere, so he made a mother.”

“Everything is fine in the house where there is a mother.”

Those are the parents from whom you learned to smile!

Mother ! Time also stops in your lap!

Mother’s love is a white light, in which the cries of children resonate as a music

Win the heart of the parents and you will be successful. Otherwise you will lose even after winning the whole world!

Amma Quotations in English


One good mother is equal to thousands of teachers.

Moms are just big girls, who live for their kids 🙂

In this world only parents can love without selfishness.

“Whatever I am or hope to be, the credit goes to my mother only.”

Our birthday will be the only day in our life, on which our mother would have smiled even when we cried!

Do you ever say to mother – “Mother! How are you ?” Mother gets everything just by listening to this.. isn’t it?


Mother’s heart is the fabric of love. No… Maybe it is an ocean of love…! No… she is more than that! Is not it ?

There can be no better friend than music and mother!

God cannot be everywhere, so he created mothers.

Whatever I am or hope to be, the credit goes to my mother!!

Motherhood: All love begins and ends there!!!

I got to grow up with a mother who taught me to believe in myself!!

Strong Amma Quotations in English


Mother is our first teacher and friend too!

God is the unseen parent, and the parent is the visible god

It is said that the first love is never forgotten, then I do not know why people forget the love of their parents.

My mother used to take care of me in such a way that I was always happy!!

God cannot be everywhere so he created mother.

A woman sacrifices equally as wife and mother!!


Everything is available, but the mother is not available.

Every man wants his own love, loves his wife, but worships his mother.

“Only a mother can love in this world without any selfishness.”

There is nothing in the world greater than mother’s love.

The love of the world is useless, every prayer of mother is accepted,

Whatever I am or hope to be, the credit goes to my “mother”.

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Mother Quotations In English


When there are four pieces of bread and five to eat.. then there is a person who says that I am not hungry – Mother

I hate every person who swears by his mother in small talk and puts her at stake.

We can fool anyone anytime, but mother?…….ha ha ha! Never 🙂

Friends, I kept on walking to heaven all night, when I opened my eyes, I saw my head was in mother’s lap.

The food items that the mother has sent from the village have become stale, so the shame remains the same.

Because of which I consider myself complete, after my Lord I only know my mother.

Beautiful Amma Quotations in English


I have never been able to break my heart, what I have learned to love from my mother.

Every moment of heaven was seen, when the mother had loved by carrying her in her lap.

What is that thing which is not found here, everything is available but mother is not available.

Those two loaves of your box are not sold anywhere, even today, the hunger does not disappear in the expensive hotels.

Don’t hit me, I’m not a stone, don’t be surprised, I don’t see me

Mother haunts you, come to me, I am tired, put me to sleep in your lap, turn your fingers around in my hair, once again recite the lullabies of childhood.

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The light of the day was spent in making dreams, the sleep of the night was spent in making the child sleep, the house which does not even have a placard in your name, the whole life was spent in making that house.

Yesterday, I tore all the books of Shab Chahaton, let only one paper be written on Lafz-e-Maa.

Mother ! Never cry openly in front of me, where there is a foundation, so much moisture is not good.

The elders are not afraid of my heart yet, friends, that as long as the mother keeps awake, I do not go home.

Mamta’s fury shines on my face, I am getting old, yet my hair shines.

We started asking for water from our eyes, whenever I saw Mother written on the paper.

To save myself from the roar of accidents, mother, we will take only your prayers with us.

Somebody got a house or some shop came in my part, I was the youngest in the house, my mother came in my part.

Strong Mother Quotations


O darkness! See, your face has turned black, mother opened her eyes, there was light in the house.

I wish to be an angel again, to cling to my mother in such a way that I become a child.

A trouble, just think about coming closer to me, may my mother’s prayer not become a problem for you.

I am still alive, nothing will happen to me, when I leave the house, prayers also go with me.

Prayers go miles and miles to reach the mother, that when the son leaves to go abroad.

Whenever any danger comes on my life, mother’s name comes on Juba without saying anything, she says everything, she tolerates everything for the sake of our happiness.

Even today, by tying some money in the pallu, the mother keeps her present for her children, keeps herself hungry, gives me plenty of food to eat, my smile gives light to her face.

While going to the farm, I had a thorn in my leg, if the doctor did not come out, then the mother strangled the thorn with tears.

Love Amma Quotations in English 


There is a neem bark that heals wounds by wear and tear, the mother breaks, yet the fruit ripens, the mother fails, every pain this mother acts as your lap claim.

The mother who did not fulfill your every need, tell us why the distance fell on the stone, when there was a big wound on the knee, when the mother blew it, it became a clean rotten wound.

Asks when someone is in love with the world where I smile and remember my mother

Spend your whole life in the footsteps of your parents, this is the only personality in the world who does not commit infidelity.

Do something that your parents would say in their prayers. “O Lord, give us such a child in every birth.

Mother ! I can forget everything… not you.

The need is fulfilled only now with the thousand notes… The fun was in the one rupee coin asked from the mother.

What should I write, which should be appreciated..!! Mother wrote this thought today.

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What temple, what mosque, what should be the torrent of the Ganges.. That house is like a temple in which children should welcome their parents.

There is magic in the hands of the mother, whether that hand moves on the head or on the cheeks.

I don’t know what is the magic in mother’s feet. The higher I bow, the higher I go

When only I am, yes you used to do, So- I used to understand everything about you…. , Today when he has grown up, he says, mother, you do not understand anything.

The child who leaves the mother’s arms, life remains deserted for him again.

Heaven is in mother’s blessings. Heaven is in mother’s lap, whose finger you hold, you have become so capable today that you felt that burden today.

I have so much fame in my world because of my mother.. oh my god what else will you give me my mother is my biggest wealth

The name is many, it means only one. Some call Ram, some Allah and some mother !!

Best Amma Quotations in English

Beautiful Words For Mother Quotes


In my childhood, when I used to fall while walking, my mother used to say shut up, son, seeing the ant, the ant died under pressure, now whenever I fall, my conscience is suppressed, not an ant.

Whenever mother prays in my name….the stumbling blocks on the way salute me!!!

The child climbs on the school bus…the mother running towards the bus carrying the tiffin from the kitchen…is worship bigger than this!

If you love your parents, then you should also love the environment.

You are the first goddess power after God

I do not know of any other heaven, because we call the feet of the mother as heaven.

Mother ! I will also be as good and true as you! I promise !

God’s most precious gift – my parents 🙂

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Amma Quotations in English


Mother, whether she is educated or not, but we get rare and important knowledge of the world from mother only.

Forgetting our sleep made us sleep, Your tears made us laugh, Never give pain to those celebrities, God made us parents.

The one who gives with love is a sister, the one who gives after fighting is a brother, the one who gives by asking is a father, the one who gives everything without asking, is a mother.

She is the most special in the life of every person, even though she is far away, she is near the heart, in front of which even death bows its head, she is none other than a mother.

When we are in pain in the world, then the mother’s heart hurts, and her heart does not get dry until we see the laughter in our eyes.

The body is broken due to the hard work of the day, but when the mother saw me, she forgot the fatigue…!

“We have never seen him and what will be the need of it, what will this mother be, apart from your face, what will be the idol of that God?”

“When I put my head on mother’s shoulder, I asked mother, how long will Yuhi let her sleep on her shoulder.. Mother said son: Until people lift me on their shoulder.”

“Mother, the debt of your milk will never be paid by me.

“Friends, when I woke up in the morning, the head was at the feet of the mother.”

To annoy the mother is your mistake, the soil of mother’s feet is the dust of heaven…!!!

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